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Firearm Compatibility

Firearm Optic Compatibility

Alternate Mounting Options

Product Mounting Options Source Compatibility
Adjustable MRDA (AR Style) AR Style Outer-Impact.com Venom, Viper, Razor
VT-45-RDM 45 Degree Offset vortexcanada.net Venom, Viper
VT-RDMQ AR Riser/QR Mount vortexcanada.net Venom, Viper
VT-MT-5109 Razor 45 Degree Offset vortexcanada.net Razor
VT-MT-5108 Razor AR Riser/QR Mount vortexcanada.net Razor

Mounting Options - Considerations

Mounting Option Usage Notes
Optics Ready Firearm No modifications necessary. Plate and screws will usually come with pistol.
Picatinny/Weaver rail Vortex provided mounts will work in most scenarios.
Custom Cut Slide Will be required to be modded permanently by gunsmith.
Rear sight - Dovetail attachment with flat base adaptor Rear sights will be required to be removed. Cannot co-witness as rear sights removed.
Co-witness - Absolute Centre of dot is aligned with irons in the middle. Provides back-up POA if electronics fail.
Co-witness - 1/3 Red dot mounted higher than the irons. Sights only visable on lower 1/3 of sight picture, provides clear FOV. If electronics fail, drop LOS to align front and rear sights.