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Product Information API

Usage Notes

The purpose of this API service is to allow for a constant stream of content to dealers without the need to maintain the displayed information. This information is accessed through Vortex Canada's database and as such, is consistent with the information displayed on vortexcanada.net (Currently mcprod.vortexcanada.net)


There are 5 information modules that can be accessed using this service,including:

These can be used in any order on any section of your page and will scale accordingly. The following 3 steps are required to place the default components on the page, although custom styles may be applied to match your storefront:

  1. Add fonts to <head>. This provides access to the same set displayed on Vortex Canada's website although may be changed to match your theme, along with added css to specify the font-family.
    <link href="https://fonts.googleapis.com/css2?family=Lato&family=Oswald&display=swap" rel="stylesheet">
  2. Add modules as needed. They all follow the format of data-vt-module="sku", and can be placed directly on the page.
    <div data-vt-description="VT-SPR-500"></div>
    <div data-vt-specifications="VT-AMG-HS02"></div>
    <div data-vt-dimensions="VT-RZR-11002"></div>
    <div data-vt-included="VT-SPR-300"></div>
    <div data-vt-features="VT-LRF301"></div>
  3. Add script to bottom of page. The JS file checks for the modules and fills them with information.
    The link will be available soon - once the information is ready for access


If elements are not displaying on the page, the two primary causes could be:

  1. The SKU doesn't match. Please refer to our website to find which SKU aligns with the product you would like to add. This is the primary connection to identify the products, and therefore needs to match
  2. Scripts are run before elements are placed. To solve this, you may need to register an event listener to add the scripts on the DOMContentloaded fire.

For other issues, please contact: [email protected]